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Without All Of The Full Time Overhead

Cost Reduction

Make every dollar work as hard as you do. A true cost reduction exercise is more than just going through expense lines.

Forecasting & Budgeting

Budgeting & forecasting are much more than just annual exercises. A properly done budget and forecast tool can be very valuable in leading the company to a profitable path.

Cash Flow Analysis

We’ve all heard the saying, “cash is king”, but how do you get there? It requires discipline, negotiation, and effort throughout the entire organization.

OXLEY CFO Advisory Services

OXLEY CFO Advisory Services was created to partner with small to medium sized business owners to make their processes more efficient, reduce their costs and accelerate their company for future growth. Small business owners are often forced to wear many hats, from Sales and Marketing to Supply Chain Management all the way to Human Resources. Unfortunately, many times these business owners are so tied up with the everyday headaches that they often neglect a very critical piece, and that’s the financial piece of the equation.

The company may have grown and become more complex, but the financial expertise did not. Many companies still have the same financial resources at $5 million as they did at $1 million. This person can close the books and provide monthly financials, but the owner is often heard saying, “I thought we should have done better”. They are puzzled by the results not meeting the efforts that went into the month. Sales have gone up by 50% but profits and cash flow have not followed. Are you one of these business owners? Please visit the Services page and see all the benefits that can be provided by Oxley CFO Advisory Services and see how we can partner so YOU CAN PROFIT.

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Hear From Satisfied Clients

We’re in Farming and Trucking with about 150 employees. We had several projects that we wanted to tackle for years but didn’t have the time or skill-set to accomplish. We wanted access to an experienced CFO but didn’t feel we could justify the salary. Marcus was a good fit for us because we can use his expertise for the projects we choose but aren’t obligated for his full-time compensation. His diverse accounting background with large organizations provide great insight into many different business areas. After seeing the productivity benefit of the project we asked him to design, it’s obvious there are certain uncommon projects that we’re just better off to have someone more highly qualified to work on, while I focus on the other daily challenges of my industry. His computer skills enabled him to create quality tools that will allow us to do our job better for years to come. Not only did Marcus have the computer skills and accounting background needed to design our specific solution, but also the communication skills to properly implement the solution and sell it to our employees. I highly recommend Marcus for any financial or operational project that can make your company more profitable.

Logan Graber

President, Boyd Transportation Services