Hear From Satisfied Clients

We’re in Farming and Trucking with about 150 employees. We had several projects that we wanted to tackle for years but didn’t have the time or skill-set to accomplish. We wanted access to an experienced CFO but didn’t feel we could justify the salary. Marcus was a good fit for us because we can use his expertise for the projects we choose but aren’t obligated for his full-time compensation. His diverse accounting background with large organizations provide great insight into many different business areas. After seeing the productivity benefit of the project we asked him to design, it’s obvious there are certain uncommon projects that we’re just better off to have someone more highly qualified to work on, while I focus on the other daily challenges of my industry. His computer skills enabled him to create quality tools that will allow us to do our job better for years to come. Not only did Marcus have the computer skills and accounting background needed to design our specific solution, but also the communication skills to properly implement the solution and sell it to our employees. I highly recommend Marcus for any financial or operational project that can make your company more profitable.

Logan Graber | President, Boyd Transportation Services   

I had the pleasure to work with Marcus for over a year in a large setting. During that time, he was instrumental in developing key operating metrics (KOMs) that easily indicated the direction of performance. These KOMs made it simple to know what to expect financially before the end of the month and allowed me to make quick decisions on what levers to pull as KOMs moved in the wrong direction. Marcus has a gift for developing simple to understand metrics that can translate to any business.
In addition to developing KOMs, Marcus was a great asset in digging into the details and helping identify and direct projects to reduce costs. This covered a wide range of tasks from scouring every expense looking for trends to identifying when business dictated the reduction of an overhead cost. Marcus was extremely helpful in analyzing exactly what would drop to the bottom line or not with changes in business mix or volume.
I have been in operations for over 20 years with experience in various industries and sites with employment from 75 to 3500. During my time in operations, I have learned the importance of “knowing the numbers”. The key to successfully running any business is knowing the key metrics and monitoring those metrics regularly to drive action. If you are in a business and don’t know the numbers, Marcus can help.

Sam McCain | 20 year Manufacturing Professional